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The Texas Water Infrastructure Network (TxWIN) is the only statewide industry association solely dedicated to issues related to water infrastructure design and construction in Texas. By joining TxWIN, you are investing in the future of Texas water.


We are proud to have members who care about Texas water infrastructure and are committed to building strong, sustainable, and competitive construction markets through policy development, education, and advocacy. TxWIN membership is available for general contractors, sub and specialty contractors, engineers, consultants, suppliers, manufacturers, law firms and other businesses involved Texas water markets.


If you care about the future of the water infrastructure industry in Texas and want to learn how you can participate and contribute, please contact us for more information or fill out the form below to send an email to receive your application today.

Join TxWIN to:

  1. Promote sound public policy and encourage competition in the Texas water infrastructure marketplace.
  2. Ensure accountability and transparency in public works contracting and procurement practices.
  3. Facilitate and encourage dialogues that promote partnering and education in building the future of Texas water.


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