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TxWIN: Building the Future of Texas Water Today

The Texas Water Infrastructure Network supports common sense policies that promote competition, transparency and value for public dollars spent on water infrastructure.



Project Delivery

Texas public contracting law provides numerous options for owners to bid and procure work through traditional and non-traditional means. Selecting the appropriate delivery method and promoting competition are critical to the success of a project and ensure value for public investment in infrastructure.

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The Texas State Water Plan provides a comprehensive framework built on local and regional solutions to address Texas’ current and projected water supply needs over the next fifty years. The Texas Water Development Board provides several state and federally assisted programs to support local communities’ water infrastructure needs lowering costs for assistance recipients and consumers through low interest loans and grants.

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Open Markets

Policies which artificially restrict the types of materials, manufactured goods and technologies that can be incorporated into infrastructure projects  have the unintended consequences of artificially limiting competition, constraining supply chains, increasing project costs and regulatory burdens.

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