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Perry L. Fowler, Executive Director

TxWIN Founder Perry FowlerPerry L. Fowler is the Executive Director of the Texas Water Infrastructure Network (TxWIN).  Fowler leads the organization’s efforts to promote partnering with all industry stakeholders building strong, sustainable, and competitive construction markets through policy development, education, and advocacy.

Prior to TxWIN, Fowler started a consulting practice, Fowler Group Texas, LLC, and represented a number of Texas contractors before the Texas Legislature who were focused on funding and procurement reform in water infrastructure markets.

Fowler has lobbied on behalf of the construction industry at the international, national, state, and regional levels since he began his career at the Associated General Contractors of American in 2004. After focusing on federal civil works, military construction, and international markets, Fowler was named AGC of America’s chief advocate and lobbyist for water infrastructure.


Some notable achievements include working with industry partners to secure one of the largest federal appropriations for water infrastructure in U.S. history through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009; reforming U.S. Department of State Embassy construction and procurement procedures; and, coordinating the nationwide release of Liquid Assets: The Story of Our Water Infrastructure.


In 2010, Fowler’s path led him home to Texas where he served as the director of municipal and utilities and heavy divisions of the Associated General Contractors of Texas. In 2011 he was recognized by the Texas Water Conservation Association and Texas Water Development Board for his leadership in coordinating a statewide campaign to pass Proposition 2, a constitutional amendment that provides a $6 billion revolving bond authority for Texas water infrastructure projects.


Fowler has been involved in the Texas construction industry for over twenty years that began in high school when he worked for his father’s commercial construction company in San Antonio, Texas. His dedication to the construction industry and Texas water are unmatched. He is a tenacious advocate for sound and ethical public policy and was inspired to enter government affairs by his mentor, veteran Texas lobbyist Dick Brown, for whom he worked during the 1999 Texas Legislative Session.

Fowler received a degree in political science from Austin College in Sherman, Texas.

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